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INFINITT 正专注地发展创新的医学成像和数据信息的解决办法并且维持上好的客户服务。

Tokyo Women’s Medical University Higashi Medical Center Implemen... | 2010-9-10

Tokyo Women’s Medical University Higashi Medical Center Implements INFINITT PACS

Tokyo Women’s Medical University (TWMU) is a medical university with over one hundred years of history, dedicated to improving the social well-being of women and educating them to become doctors. Today its main hospital is one of the largest hospital complexes in Japan and its medical school has an awardwinning curriculum and commitment to excellence. Advanced medical research is an important part of the university activities.

TWMU, which now comprises modern which now comprises modern and sophisticated educational, clinical and research environments, recently implemented the INFINITT PACS to improve radiology department workflow.

Keiko Ueno, Director of the Department of Radiology, said they are very pleased with the INFINITT PACS and its output for their hospital. “When we first operated INFINITT PACS, we were amazed by the system’s speed when reading large volumes of data .”

“One of the most impressive aspects of the INFINITT PACS installation,” Keiko Ueno remarked, “was the professionalism and responsiveness of INFINITT Healthcare’s onsite engineers. They registered all of our requests regarding the product and customized the PACS for our environment, making the transition so much easier for our radiologists.”

Director Ueno added that they are planning to install INFINITT Cardiology PACS in the near future, and look forward to using it to upgrade cardiology department workflow .

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