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INFINITT 正专注地发展创新的医学成像和数据信息的解决办法并且维持上好的客户服务。

PACS project in Japan | 2009-7-4

  Munakata a regional medical information network implementation project held in the Munakata region in Kyushu, Japan. This project involved interconnecting university hospitals and clinics in Munakata City on the same network and implementing an online security system to allow cooperative diagnosis and treatment by exchanging medical data. INFINITT's STARPACS system was selected and implemented for this multi-hospital center.

Business objective : Sharing private medical treatment information between regional medical institutions

Business Scale : 630 Billion Won is allocated for the total budget of Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (METI) (HIC related field : around 30 Billion Won)
Participated enterprises and groups : HIC, Fujitsu, KDDI Research Institute, YASUKAWA Information System, ASANUMA, Industrial Medical University, Munakata Doctors' Association
Configuration Diagram

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