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INFINITT 正专注地发展创新的医学成像和数据信息的解决办法并且维持上好的客户服务。

PACS Establishment at Wenzhou hospital. | 2009-7-4

  Wenzhou hospital is located in Zhejiang province in China. It is referred to as the Second Affiliated Hospital & Yuying Children's Hospital at Wenzhou Medical College and has 1100 bed. In China, there are 16,732 hospitals, 149 hospitals have over 800 beds. Wenzhou hospital is the first hospital with FullPACS provided by INFINITT.
   Wenzhou hospital uses our STARPACS solution and integration with information systems used by existing hospitals in China was conducted very well. In China, medical information system's standard protocol, HL7 is not ready, so integration with PACS is done through normal database integration methods. The layout of Wenzhou hospital has been set up as seen in the following diagram.
System Configuration Diagram
                  Results of the Project
These results have come about as a outcome of this PACS establishment.

(1) Medical service improvement
- Improvement of diagnosis and treatment through precise digital imaging,
- Establishment of qualified diagnosis system through the sharing of image information.
- Provided patients' convenience by storage, transmission and network(internet) of image information
- Protection from damage and loss of image information through secure storage and management
- Reduced radiation exposure by prevention of the retake
- Contributed to development of medical research through practical and effective use of long-term storage of image information.

(2) Medical information system establishment
-Real time diagnosis system establishment through interworking of HIS and PACS.
-Environment available for telemedicine with hospital in cooperation.
-Environment available for tele-radiology through network(internet) with hospitals in cooperation.
-Environment available for sharing of patient's information with other medical centers.

(3) Enhancement of hospital competitiveness.

(4) Improvement of hospital workflow through automatic image information processing

(5) Enhancement of hospital reputation through PACS implement.

(6) Efficient management of human resources.
(Article about Wenzhou hospital use of PACS published in local papers.)

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