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INFINITT 正专注地发展创新的医学成像和数据信息的解决办法并且维持上好的客户服务。

Cancer image information sharing network establishment | 2009-7-4

  Name of Project :
2002 Information support project implementation of a joint utilization network for medical treatment information regarding Cancer.
Organization in charge :
National Computerization Agency subsidiary of Ministry of Information and Communication
Administration Organization : National Cancer Center
Period of Time : May, 2002 ~ November, 2002
INFINITT has developed a network system that enables interworking of PACS systems of National Cancer Center, Seoul National University Hospital and Cheong Ju St. Mary's Hospital and utilizes medical and written information jointly. This system improves on the existing workflow copying films and medical treatment information when a patient is transferred to another hospital, and it enables the sharing of image data synchronously between hospitals through a network (internet). In addition, this system complies with the DICOM/HL7 Standard, therefore, by interworking with pre-implemented PACS, it is possible to extend to a standardized shared system when a medical information integration network is to be diffused in the future.      Project objectives :
To implement a system that enables utilization of medical and medical treatment information jointly.                                                                                      Target and importance of the project
To maximize efficiency of hospital duties and to improve quality of medical service by sharing medical and medical treatment information jointly.
Result of the project
To implement the system that interconnects PACS systems in the National Cancer Center, Seoul National University Hospital and Cheong Ju St. Mary's Hospital, and to enablesharing of DICOM as well as written information.
System Configuration Diagram

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